ChorusCommunity is a collaborative platform serving choristers, instrumentalists, teachers and choir directors.

The goal is to facilitate the learning of new pieces while reducing the preparation load.

This collaborative platform is based on simple principles:

  • a free version of the ChorusPlay app is available for free to all users
  • each user can work the preparations received from his private sphere
  • each user can prepare his own pieces and share them in his private sphere (in respect of copyright)
  • each user can request the preparation of a song by ChorusPlay, and receive it within a few days. He can then share it in his private sphere (in respect of copyright).
  • each user can propose a preparation for sharing to the community.
  • after validation of the quality, the preparation will be shared with the community (public catalog). The preparer receives "credits" for his contribution
  • each user can subscribe and thus access all the preparations of the public catalog
  • if some features were to be offered in "pay" mode, each subscriber will have use of these features for free



With the ChorusPlay application (available on Android and Windows 7 and 10), listening and synchronized monitoring of the score allow "augmented practice" anywhere and anytime on smartphone, tablet and PC. For those who wish, it is also possible to have mp3 recordings and videos mp4, case by case.


ChorusPlay respects and contributes to the respect of the rules of intellectual property (the partitions outside public domain are associated in ChorusPlay by the musician himself and not diffused by ChorusCommunity).


Hundreds of choristers and musicians already appreciate it. For any questions, please contact us!